Spearfishing equipment

Wetsuits Wetsuits
Thickness 3mm, 5mm, 7mm for spearfishing, diving, surf, for man, woman, kids, colors... read
Spearguns Spearguns
Open and closed head, reverse and standard triggers, different length .. read
Fins Fins
Plastic, fiberglass, kevlar and carbon fins. Footpockets from Pathos and Salvi. read
Neoprene Socks Socks and Shoes
Different thickness, soles, for spearfishng, diving, freediving... read
Speargun Reels Reels for speargun
From the best brands with different sizes. Universal and branded models. read
Neoprene Gloves Gloves
Different thickness, colors, with kevlar, leather, likra, daynima, brands Nava, Vidrax, etc... read
Speargun bands Speargun bands
Different thickness, colors, per meter and with wishbones, black, amber, Dunlop, Primeline read
Line and Crimps Line and Crimps
Dyneema, polyester, kevlar, monofil with different thickness. All sizes crimps ... read
Shafts and Tips Shafts and tips
Many models shafts, tridents, tips, torsion2, sndvik steel, air gun shafts, with shark fins, etc... read
Wishbones Wishbones
With spheres, dyneema, articulated, sandvik steel, with balls, tools for assembling, etc ... read
Mask and Snorkels Masks and Snorkels
Different colors mask, many models for spearfishing, diving and snorkeling read
Weight & belts Weight & belts
Rubber belts Vidrax, Salvi, marseillaise buckle, textile, weight west, leg weight, etc... read
Buoys (Floats) Buoys (Floats)
Big size, typ spherical, typ torpedo, flags, ropes, brands Nava, Salvi, xDive, etc.. read
Knives Knives
Different types and sizes, for arm, for waist, for legs, material titan, Teflon, stainless steel read
Flash Lights Flash Lights
Spearfishing and diving flash lights, good prices, spare halogen bulbs and belts read
Diving Bags Bags
Colors, material reinforced nylon , Waterproof, volumes, for fins and gun etc... read
Spare spearfishing parts Spare parts
Triggers, open and closed gun heads, anatomical and sport handles, left hand handle etc... read
stringers, straps, grip shock absorbers, neoprene glue Accessories
Fish stringers, straps, grip shock absorbers, neoprene glue, silicone mouthpiece, etc,,, read
Сакове Diving computers
Measure the dept, the temperature etc...read
Neti Pot Neti Pot
Each diver takes daily care of their ears and sinuses with Jala Neti and NoseBuddy read
Сакове Aquascooter
Reach any poing in the sea with this engine.read